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When it comes to self-defense via martial arts, it’s not just about knowing a few “physical” moves that will magically get you out of a dangerous situation in Bryant IN. It is a little more involved than that as you may have guessed – and actually, a physical altercation should be the very last option in any potentially dangerous situation.

Below are a few basic tips to help protect you and your family in Bryant IN. And you don’t have to leave the house for any self-defense classes.

Avoid and Be Cautious

This is the easiest piece of advice I can give, avoid and be cautious. Avoid potentially bad situations and be cautious in order to prevent bad things from happening. In short, use your head.

For example, avoid areas in Bryant IN that are known to be dangerous. Do not be out late at night (Just like your mom and dad used to say.) Don’t run in the park alone at night. Do not park in the parking garage alone. Don’t leave your doors unlocked. Don’t be so preoccupied with your cell phone that you can’t pay attention to what is going on around you. These are all easy steps you can take to drastically cut down on the chances that you will become the victim of violent crime.

Have a Plan

Be sure you have a plan. Currently do you even have a clue about what you would do if someone broke into your house at 3AM while your kids were asleep in bed? Do you know what you would do if you were approached in a grocery store parking lot by a man trying to intimidate you? If you have no plan for any of the dangers I just mentioned, you should get one.

Personally I recommend owning a firearm and learning some basic martial arts techniques. These days you can take some great self-defense classes online and easily find a firearms class  in Bryant IN.

Assess the Situation

In the event that you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, you should be prepared. You need to quickly assess the situation and decide what you should do based on your plan. Act quickly and do not hesitate. Hesitation is dangerous and can cause you or a love one to end up injured or worse.

Commit and Execute

As I stated in the previous section, “Assess the Situation”. After you assess the situation, you should also commit to your plan, and execute quickly! You should know at what point you are going to execute the plan and again, act!

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