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Sunday, December 25th, 2016:

Shopping for self defense classes in Saint Francis ME can be confusing and you probably don’t know what you should be looking for in the first place (that’s why you are looking for a course in the first place)

So here is a quick list of the most important things to find out before signing up or purchasing any self defense course in Saint Francis ME.

1. Does the instructor have real world self defense or combat experience, not just a black belt?

You don’t have to be a self defense or fighting expert to get a black belt. Many dojo masters have little to no real world fighting experience.

Look for a course taught by someone with military, bar bouncing, law enforcement, or body guarding experience. These are the people in Saint Francis ME who deal with self defense all the time.

2. How is the course taught? Will you be sparring full speed with a partner or practicing full speed on a person in a padded suit?

If not keep shopping. How can you possibly hope to do something in a real life high stress environment when you have never even practiced it full speed in a controlled environment?

3. How long is the course? A weekend course is a great start but you will need to find a dedicated partner to practice with after the course is over. I would suggest practicing at least two or three times a month to keep your skills up (this is a bare minimum).

A month long course would be a much better choice because we can only learn so much in a weekend. More classes will allow you to remember more information and make your responses second nature.

4. What is the focus of the course? Is the instructor more concerned about techniques or targets?

Self defense is all about targets never let anyone tell you otherwise. Techniques (punches, kicks, elbows etc.) are simply tools for hitting targets. Any good instructor will tell you that a mediocre kick to the right target can still take an attacker down.

5. Does the course come with a video or manual? Let’s face it we forget things we don’t use every day. You may attend a class for a month, practice religiously for a month or two then get busy and stop practicing for several months and forget almost everything.

One great advantage of video self defense classes is that you can always refresh yourself everything you learn.

By following this simple guide you will be able to find the best self defense classes in Saint Francis ME, and not throw your money away on a bad program.

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